Welcome to the homepage for GoFigure2!

GoFigure2 is an open-source software package for the visualization, interaction, and analysis of in toto image sets. GoFigure2 can  handle large (>100,000 images), 5-dimensional (xyz+time+lambda), confocal and 2-photon microscopy image sets. GoFigure2 is cross-platform so it can run on Linux, Mac, and Windows. GoFigure2 can also interact with large compute clusters for computationally-intensive image processing.

  • Is GoFigure right for you? Check out our screenshots and video introduction.
  • New to using GoFigure? Check out our video tutorials, users guide, and users forum.
  • Want to contribute? We encourage external software developers! Those familiar with C++ can help improve GoFigure2 with their own plugins for quantification. We have a public code repository and a complete web-based software development infrastructure. Check out the Developer section.